Diversifly website mockup




From the start, Diversifly expressed that they wanted a brand that disrupts the aviation industry. The owners, Israel and Ruth Velez, have the mission of making aviation fun and accessible to all. Specifically, they seek to elevate the future of the disadvantaged and minorities within the industry.

My Contribution

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Tone of Voice
  • Website


The launch of Diversifly’s brand needed to make a statement. I began by sketching multiple logo variations, exploring different art directions. The final result was a logo that was both bold and impactful. I chose a typeface that has a lot of font variations. This gives the brand a lot of room to play when creating social media graphics and apparel. The brand colors utilize vibrant gradients that look amazing and appeal to their target demographic of millennials.


Diversifly’s brand has been met with open arms and applause. Even industry veterans are getting excited and jumping onboard. The youthful and fresh aesthetic is disrupting the stale and outdated look of other organizations in the aviation industry. It’s exciting to see the quick acceptance and adoption of Diversifly’s brand and mission. No doubt, they’ll continue to soar!

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